Seminar on Hotel and Tourism Management at DTU

The age-old heritages of human race are intensely accumulated in historical towns like Debre Tabor and its neighboring areas of South Gondar Administrative Zone. Debre Tabor has been political and business center in the medieval period of the country. The need to navigate the hidden antiquities and to renovate and preserve the already known ones has become a priority to the people around nowadays.

It was on its firm belief on the need of strengthening and preserving this ample cultural wealth of south Gondar that DTU gave priority to launch the department of hotel and tourism management under the faculty of business and economics this academic year.

The department then seems concerned on the area that it prepared a workshop seminar on the 24th of December, 2015 which brought stakeholders, government sectors, religious institutions, directors, deans and elders of the community together to exchange their views on how to manage and promote this tourist attraction value of assets.

Ato Mihret Jember, The ARVP of DTU, in his opening speech appreciated the concern of the department and its effort to rekindle the interest of the community on the area from its inception and emphasized the responsibility of the participants to keep an eagle eye on, maintain and promote these resources up to the level of making use of them for researches and income generative elements.

Eventually, the participants thoroughly discussed on the area and expressed their regret for their previous negligence and arrived at consensus to discharge their future responsibilities in collaboration with the university.


DTU Public Relation Directorate