Public Relation and Foreign Affair Directorate

Public and Foreign Relations Directorate

Message from the Director

Public and Foreign Relations Directorate (PR) would like to call upon all interested individuals and organizations to create a trustworthy partnership and coalition with Debre Tabor University in the teaching-learning, research, and community services.

Debre Tabor University (DTU) is one of the 3rd generation universities which was established in 2008 / 2001 Eth.C. It officially commenced its mission with 628 students at Woreta College of Agriculture in 2012 / 2004, and by now it has dramatically increased its student population to 13,260 in all its three programs (regular, extension, and summer).

PR strives to support the university to achieve its mission, vision, and motto within the designed time frame. It is a newsworthy and image building sector that disseminates the major accomplishments of the university to the community as a whole. It also toils to maintain mutual relations between domestic and foreign organizations with its typical norms such as, evoking their attention, winning their beliefs, obtaining their understanding, and earning their goodwill.

PR is a significant section that introduces the magnitude of competitiveness of the university to its customers; it is not as such ‘a reason after reason loader’ type of section. It rather opens its doors to learn from its drawbacks and builds the profile of DTU in its local and foreign partners. It also gives credible editorial coverage and makes itself a reliable news source for media services.

Furthermore, our directorate sincerely moves and admirably tries with all its vigor to enable all its customers to know the various activities and services the university donates.

Similar to effective personnel of any other public relations offices, DTU PR also focuses and moves forward zeroing in on the following major activities.

  • We set short-term objectives and toil to attain them which in the meantime contribute to the achievement of our long-term plans.
  • We work hard to know whom to address.
  • We also try our best to be perceived as eye-catching partners of the community.
  • We employ various techniques to positively address our audience.
  • We design performance program (time break down) to exercise our routines.
  • We also examine our day to day successes and failures in order to shape the future of our organization.

Eventually, we once again invite you all to work with our promising and prize-winning university!! We really assure you that you will be successful and satisfied with our mutual benefits!!
Dawit Birhanu Moltotal
Public and Foreign Relations Directorate, Director
Debre Tabor University

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