Professor Makonnin Annual Sporting event at Debre Tabor university goes beyond the sporting competition in promoting team spirit, commitment, scientific collaboration, and friendship between institutions.

Professor Makonnin Annual Football Match at Debre Tabor University starts today with a friendly opening match between Debre Tabor University and Bahir Dar University. The event is now held for the third time in commemoration of the late Professor Makonnin who is known to be the founding father of Debre Tabor University. At this special event, Ato Mekuriaw Mengstihun, the first vice president for administrative affairs, and Ato Tewodros Makonnin, Son of Professor Makonnin, attended the opening ceremony and the friendly match. photo_2021-03-22_16-31-29
The event was accompanied by an agreement between Debre Tabor University Sports Science Department and Bahir Dar University Sports Academy to work collaboratively in teaching and learning, research and community service, culture building and philanthropy, and community-based sports development.
The agreement signed today on 21 March 2021 by Dr. Anegagregn Gashaw, President of Debre Tabor University, and Dr. Dawit, Dean of the sports academy of Bahir Dar University, aims to establish bilateral relations between the two universities in collaboration in landscape design, research, community service, and community sports development.
The two universities believe that sporting events between institutions should go beyond performing competitive sports towards establishing sistership, partnership, bilateral strategic relations between the two universities in landscape design, research, community service, and community sports development.

Accordingly, Debre Tabor and Bahir Dar Universities today signed a memorandum of understanding to widen their scope of collaboration on:

• Positively influencing and encouraging the society towards a healthy lifestyle through sport
• Promoting indigenous values and knowledge through combining culture and sport with culture.
• Engaging and encouraging students between the two institutions to understand history, culture, and traditions in the localities.
• Working together on major research megaprojects to solve regional and national problems and challenges in the area of sport.
• Opening up a journal that can enable our country’s researchers to publish the results of their research on sport and physical education.
• Using sport for charitable and volunteer activities such as donating blood, helping the needy, repairing damaged houses and damaged sports facilities, etc.
• In addition, the universities will be able to contribute their share to create a healthy, productive, and positive society by participating in the development of sports in their cities, regions, and countries.
• Preparing and Organizing events together to attract regional and national universities across the country towards the establishment of regional and national university sports festivals and collaborations in resolving the country’s sports challenges and problems.

Following the agreement, it is expected that both institutions will organize football, volleyball, basketball, handball, running, and table tennis competitions between students and staff.
• Organize educational conferences on sport and physical education to disseminate knowledge and experience in the area.
• Collaborate on capacity-building packages for staff and facilities in the area of sport and physical education.
• Work on strengthening the newly opened sports science.