President’s Message

Ethiopia is one of the leading nations in the developing world set to quickly strategically relocate her by putting various strategies in place critically important to ensuring national development and global competency. As set in many literature and practically evaluated educated human power are the determinant factors for the countries development in the world. The existing situation show that countries which have more educated people are more developed and the vice versa is true. This implies that education is an enabling tool to solve artificial and natural disaster and it helps to improve their living standard through the support of science and technology. In our country Ethiopia, even if the modern education was started back a century, due to problems related to access, relevance and other problems. The country was unable to produce competitive human power in quality and quantity that fits with the current development program. Due to these facts the government formulated Education and training policy in 1994 .to bring the policy in to action the government of Ethiopia has walked a very long journey with success we are the luckiest that we live in the times of growth and transformation.
On the road towards development issues and alleviation of poverty in the country, Since 2011 DebreTabor university has been going under remarkable progressive institutional buildings constrictions and remarkable achievements have been accomplished in the past two years in line with the building constrictions
Even though it hasn’t given affrication of meant for taking a breath to fully develop a university in this very short period of time for the coming years we have prepared five years strategic plan (2008-2011) by critically examining the second GTP of the nation and other higher educational institutions. As much as possible the strategic plan of the university focuses on ensuring quality and higher order learning, research and community service.
In view of the above, DebreTabor University apply innovative curriculum. This implies innovative, creative, critical thinking and to face for something new, something different learning. This approach also implies the teaching learning process to be student centered in order to ensure the quality of education and its value by align the different components at teaching-learning at the course module level by incorporating domain of education and learning hierarchies the strategic plan has also played special attention to carry out their tasks efficiently and effectively to achieve the goal set out in the second GTP. DebreTabor University gives special attentions for equipping students with practical experiences and associated skills in addition to enabling them to understand the theoretical parts of their subjects.
Currently, the enrollment capacity has reached more than 13,000 students in regular summer and Extension programs. The academic and supportive staffs have also grown to above 1,000.
Aligning academic programs and research priorities with the second GTP is critical to improving the livelihood of our communities in order to make effective and enhance partnership with the community our research profiles work together with the farmers, business and professional institutions cause it is important to the transformation to industry to this effect we work together in their farm land
As we passed many up and downs in the last five years hopefully with strong commitment and restless work we will be achieve our objectives to write down history in the battle field of DebreTabor University .We will take of the gold in the race of development .

Alemayehu Kebede(PHD)

President, Debre Tabor University