Workshop on Technology innovation show has been held at Debre Tabor University on April, 29, 2017

A workshop organized by Debre Tabor University Faculty of Technology under the theme Technology Show with the slogan “Innovation is our Passion” was conscudted for two days at the main auditorium. In his opening speech Vice President for Research and Community Services, Dr. Menberu Teshome, mentioned that universities have three major duties; Teaching–Learning, Research, Community […]

Faculty of Social Sciences Humanities Conducted A Discussion with 2nd Year Civic and Ethical Study Undergraduate Students

The faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities conducted a discussion with 2nd year civic and ethical study students on cooperative learning on Tuesday, May 2, 2017. Civic and ethical study 2nd year students have been using cooperative learning since last year. During the discussion the objectives that, the department wants to achieve by implementing cooperative […]

Debre Tabor University Hosted 14th Round Forum.


Debre Tabor University hosted the 14th forum of the Federal universities located in the Amhara National Regional state from Jan 27-28, 2017 at the main hall of the campus.   Dr. Alemayehu Kebede, President of Debre Tabor University has welcomed higher officials of   Amhara National Regional State Bureau, the board members, Presidents, representatives of teachers […]

Training on transformational Leadership and change & organizational conflict management


  Training on transformational Leadership and change & organizational conflict management has been given to DTU directors and team leaders at Woreta town on November 25th -27th, 2016. Organized by Debre Tabor University human resource directorate, the training has created awareness of leader ship concepts, leadership development and organizational conflict management. Ato gebeyehu, trainer of […]