Outreach Free Medical Service Program In Aurmba And The Surrounding Kebele

000 Debre Tabor University Health Science College and Debre Tabor General Hospital Physician’s delegate team in the Awramba community to provide free medical services to three hundred twenty patients.
On August 16, 2018 Debre Tabor University Health Sciences College and Debre Tabor General Hospital medical delegation team are providing over 400 patients with a community clinic in the Awramba Community Midergenet Clinic. The delegation will be given free treatment for two days from August 16, 2018, according to the coordinators said.001

Debre Tabor University College of Health Science Dean, Dr. Amsalu Molla said that the team will continue to provide other treatments in addition to eye care, and the services provided by the delegation, the experience will be enhanced by knowledge transfer professionals. 002