NOTICE:- Dear for all postgraduate program applicants

DTU has both regular and extension postgraduate programs in 2012 E.C in the following field of study.
Field of study
Faculty of business and Economics
1. BA in Business Administration (MBA)
2. MSc in Accounting and Finance
3. MSc in Development Economics
Faculty of social science and Humanities
1. MA in Geography ( specialization in Environmental and Natural Resource Management)
2. MA in Teaching English as Foreign Language (TEFL)
Faculty of natural and computational science
1. MSc in Biology (Specialization in Botany)
Faculty of Technology
1. MSc in Hydraulic Engineering
Criteria for Application
1. APPLICATION DATE፡ FROM AUGUST 15/2011 E.C TO AUGUST 30/2011 E.C at regular working hours
2. Place of Application ፡- Debre Tabor university Registrar and Almuni directorate
3. Application criteria፡- according to the requirement of Ministry of science and higher education based on the following criteria
 Has first degree In field of study or similar field of study
 Have cost sharing evidence given by concerned body
 Have sponsorship letter from the sponsored organization if they are sponsored ፤
 None returnable application fee 100.00 birr with evidence during exam time.
 All applicants should available their original educational documents with two copies.
4. Date of entry exam፡ September 6/01/2012 E.C and place of exam will be announced by internal notice፡፡
5. Regarding to results, selected candidates and application date will be announced by internal notice and university web site.
 In order to take exam all applicants should send official transcript from their university and cross check their official was properly send to Debre Tabor university registrar and almunai directorate.
 All applicants who assigned by ministry of science and higher education፣ application and exam date is similar with mentioned above.
 For further information you can use university website and phone number +251-581412002.
 Students who are assigned by ministry of science and higher education can use Sponsorship letter form of Debre Tabor university. To Download the form please click this link DTU sponsership letter.