Library Services

Debre Tabor University Library and Documentation Directorate’s
To be the center of technologically organized sufficient information sources that guarantee the satisfaction of users.
DTU Library and Documentation Directorate is committed to making information sources available and accessible through collecting and organizing sources of information.
Available human and material resources
DTU Library and Documentation Directorate administer four branch libraries namely Professor AssefaMakonen library, Social Science Library, Technology library, and Health Sciences Library. There are 136 library workers categorized under seven sections such as head officers, digital library, technical, photocopy service, circulation, reference, and attendant.
The Library is a hybrid one that has sources of information both in printed and non-printed (e-books) form. There are 71312 printed and 78164 non- printed sources of information in the library. The library adopted SRE digital library machine which enables library users to use electronic sources of information anywhere on the campus with smartphones and computers.
Major activities of the directorate
Debre Tabor university library and documentation directorate consistently performs the following major activities
 Collecting, organizing, and preserving information sources
 Providing timely and relevant information services
 Offering book loan service
 Providing photocopy and binding services
 Render 24/7 reading service

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