1. Debre Tabor University now invites wax sealed bids from eligible bidders for furnishing the necessary  material ,labor and equipment for the construction and completion of:
No Contract Number Required grade of supplier or contractor Bid security in birr Tasks of the bidder
1. Lot -1 BC/GC 1 500000 Construction of Teaching and Referral hospital Block 1
2. Lot-2 BC/GC 1 500000 Construction of Teaching and Referral hospital Block 2
3. Lot-3 BC/GC 1 500000 Construction of Teaching and Referral hospital Block 3
Note : A bidder can participate only  in one  lot
  1. Bidding will be conducted through the international (ICB) (LOT-1 UP TO LOT – 3) Procedures specified in the Government procurement Guideline . Interested Bidder ‘should fulfill the following requirements :

This invitation is for all contractors

  • Trade license on construction service license valid for the year 2010E.c
  • Ministry of finance and Economic Development’s registration certificate for the year 2010E.c
  • Vat Registration certificate
  • Clearance from Inland Revenue Administration valid with in the bid process time
  • Registration certificate in the suppliers list under public procurement  and property Administration Agency
  1. Interested bidders on the submission of a written Application may purchase a complete set of bidding documents in English language to the Debre Tabor University main campus and up on payment of  a non refundable fee  of Ethiopian birr 1,000( one thousand birr ) starting from January 09,2018

At the following address :Debre Tabor  University ,office of  procurement and property Administration  Building  No .026 second Floor

Telephone :+251-581410526,Fax  +251-584412260/2030

  1. Bids shall be valid for a period of 120 (one hundred twenty) days after bid opening and must be accompanied by a security specified  under section  4- (biding form) shall be delivered to Debre tabor university  .
  2. The validity period of bid security provided by bidders should extend for at least 28 days after the expiration of bid price validity.
  3. The bid security must be prepared in the form of CPO & unconditional bank guarantee.
  4. For Contractors: Bidders shall submit one original and two copies of the Technical Documents in such a way that the original and each copy of the Technical Document after being sealed separately shall be placed in a single wax sealed envelope marked as “Technical Document”. The Financial Offer Document shall also be produced in the same manner as the technical document and shall be placed in a single wax sealed envelope marked as “Financial Offer Document”. Finally both documents shall be placed in one outer mother envelope; every envelope should be wax sealed, signed and stamped properly.
  1. Bids must be delivered to the address Debre tabor University Main Campus, Debre tabor City on or before 11:00 AM on 35continous days beginning from January 09, 2018.  If there will be public holiday or weekend on this day the closing & opening day of the bid will take place on the next working day at the same time & place. Electronic bidding will not be permitted. Late bid submission will be rejected.
  2. Bids will be opened in the presence of bidder’s or his 051representative, at Debre tabor University, Main Campus at11:30 AM on the same date.
  3. The Debre tabor University reserves the right to reject the bid fully or partially without incurring any liability to the bidder.


Debre tabor University

 Office of Procurement and Property Administration

  • Telephone: +251-581-410526
  • Fax :+251-584-412260/2030