Debre Tabor University in collaboration with Debre Tabor Referral Hospital launched the Corona Virus Testing Laboratory.

A corona virus testing laboratory is inaugurated at Debre Tabor Specialized Hospital today (15 September 2020). The lab was built by the collaboration of DTU and Debre Tabor Comprehensive Specialized hospital.

The inauguration took place at a time when the hospital was officially promoted to the rank of a Comprehensive Specialized Hospital by the health bureau of Amhara Regional State. 12
Dr. Anegagregn Gashaw (President of DTU) congratulated the audience thereof and outlined the role of DTU in assisting the hospital. According to Dr. Anegagregn, DTU has assisted Debre Tabor Hospital in four major areas. The first one is building infrastructures, so that health experts of the hospital can provide health care service easily and comfortably. The second area of support is fulfilling various lifesaving medical equipments which made the services rendered in the hospital more effective and comprehensive. The third area of support on the other hand is supplying the hospital with qualified man power (by assigning its medical staffs in the hospital). In fact, the University has gone to the extent of performing dual recruitments, so that staffs of the college of health sciences can serve the hospital effectively. The fourth support provided to the hospital is helping it to access various aiding agencies, like human-bridge Ethiopia through which the hospital has been able to access latest medical equipment’s.

Dr. Balew Baye(Vice President for Administration and Development of DTU) also described the support of DTU to the hospital as comprehensive and unwavering and he promised that it will continue with the same spirit of cooperation.

Many guests and participants of the ceremony also recognized the role of DTU in assisting Debre Tabor Hospital and extended their gratitude accordingly. Head of the Health Care Bureau of Amhara Regional State for example described DTU as “the only university in the region which immensely supports a hospital which is not under its administrative structure. A university which bridges the gaps of the health bureau”. He, therefore, thanked the University and its management and recommended them to continue in that direction.

Mr. Sisay Damtie(Head of the Bureau of Peace and Security Building of the Amhara Region) also witnessed that DTU has supported not only Debre Tabor Hospital, but also other health care institutions in South Gondar Zone. Community elders, religious fathers, CEO of the hospital and mayor of the town of Debre Tabor acknowledged the role of DTU in supporting the hospital, which enabled it to promote itself to the rank of a Comprehensive Specialized Hospital.