General Service Directorate

General Service Directorate

Vison: Toiling to justify peaceful teaching-learning environment
and full-fledged services to stakeholders in 2012 Eth.C.

Motto:   We have a historical duty to answer Tewodros’s quest for knowledge.

Values:  Customer first, quality-oriented, cutting edge research, escalating
success, team spirit, promoting commitment, change agent, self
reliance, high moral and Ethical standard, innovative and sense of
responsible citizenship.

Duties and responsibilities of the Directorate

We welcome you all to our young and fast growing university on behalf of our relatively bulky and always standby staff to afford quality service any time required.

General Service Directorate is one of the superior preferred service donor in Debre Tabor University with broad duties and obligations such as:

  • Planning, organizing and coordinating duties and services within the directorate.
  • Administering and delivering transport services
  • providing vehicle maintenance, annual service and technical check over
  • Conducting all rounded maintenance
  • Providing the university with labor force services
  • Assigning, decorating and administering offices to the respective personnel
  • Making water and light accessible to the university
  • Undertaking campus beautification and sanitization
  • Providing photocopying and duplication services
  • Ensuring campus security and proper administration
  • Keeping ready, controlling and organizing classrooms, auditoriums and guest rooms.

In a nut shell, the directorate serves the community with 101 male and 11 female workers.