Faculty of Social Sciences Humanities Conducted A Discussion with 2nd Year Civic and Ethical Study Undergraduate Students

The faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities conducted a discussion with 2nd year civic and ethical study students on cooperative learning on Tuesday, May 2, 2017.

Civic and ethical study 2nd year students have been using cooperative learning since last year. During the discussion the objectives that, the department wants to achieve by implementing cooperative learning, the ups and downs during their journey and the outcome achieved had been presented by Mr. Amin Aman, the head of Civic and Ethical study department. A short discussion helped on the presented issues.

During the conclusion of the discussion the president of the university Dr. Alemayehu kebede advised the students to keep going what they have already started.

Meanwhile, Mr. Amin Aman was awarded and got recognition by the students during the ceremony for his dedication and support of the aforementioned activities. The president of the university Dr. Alemayehu Kebede indicated that the award is intended to motivate other departments to work hard to excel their students’ performance.