Experience Sharing Held At DTU

0R5A5610Dr. Habtamu Tilahun from Institute of choice, University of South Australia shared his academic career experience for DTU academic staff, the university top and middle management. He shared the challenges, success and opportunity throughhis academic elevation from diploma to postdoctoral qualification. The discussion was focused on how to get research projects of one’s interest, the academic experiences of different countries and the possible research projects in which the university community can work with. Different academic staff of the university from Faculty of Agriculture and Environmental and Department of Geography and Environmental Studies raised issues in which they can work with him. 0R5A5597
Dr. Habtamu pass this series of academic status at his younger age and his personal experience is exemplary and should be taken as a role model stated Dr. Angeagregn Gashaw, President of DTU. According to the president this fruitful experience was started with friendship electronic communication which aimed at this specific purpose. The president forwarded his gratitude message for Dr. Habtamu and advised the young academic staff of the university community to follow his experience. Dr. Meneberu Teshome, Vice President for Research and Community Service also communicated him the way in which he can work with the university and in targeted projects.
0R5A5639 The discussion was concluded after he addressed issues raised from the participants and the promise which he promised for continuous communication with Public and Foreign Relation Directorate regarding the possible partnership of DTU with other institutes.