DTU Celebrates 10th Nations Nationalities and Peoples Day

Debre Tabor University has vibrantly celebrated the 10th Nations, Nationalities & Peoples Day on November 23rd 2015.

His Excellence Ato Yalew Abate speaker of house of the federation Said in his opening remarks that the university is contributing great deal as a platform for cultural exchange and a centre for transforming technology.

The 10th celebration of Nations, Nationalities and Peoples day is unique as it is celebrating during this time that Ethiopia is paling to a chive the 2nd groth and transformation plan said his Excellency Ato Yalew Abate

The university was decorated by the national flag, banners, and students have performed various fascinating shows using traditional costumes of the Nations and nationalities and peoples of the country.

The unique & overall features of the nine regions of the country were described and explained by the students on the occasion.

Member students of the university’s cultural center have contributed a lot in decorating the celebration.

Scholars of the department of civic and ethical education at DTU were also panelists and presented on the unique features of Ethiopian federalism and democratization.