DTU Celebrated Graduation Ceremony on July 7, 2018

This colorfully orchestrated event was attended by His Excellency Mr. Melaku Alebel, minister of ministry of trade, Dr. Hirut Kassaw Head of Amhara National Regional State Truism Bureau and board chair person of the university, parents, invited guests and the University community. 0R5A23910R5A2154
A total of 3439 /male 2183 and female 1255/ undergraduate students were graduated from Faculty of Technology, College of Health Sciences, Faculty of Natural and Computational Sciences, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanity, Faculty of Agriculture, and Faculty of Business and Economics and 12 Masters students were graduated in Developmental Economics.

0R5A2304 Dr. Anegagregn Gashaw, president of DTU highlighted that the university has been making utmost efforts in expanding both undergraduate and postgraduate programs in different disciplines. He stated that the university is expanding project in long term and short term strategies plans to satisfy the demanding educational needs. He mentioned that university strategically plan focus on coverage, internationalization, participatory working environment and transparent utilization of resources. According to the president speech, the university is implementing innovative curriculum in college of Health Sciences that makes it as model in national level.

0R5A2340His Excellency Mr. Melaku Alebel, minister of ministry of trade Guest of Honor delivered a commencement speech to the Graduates. In his message he emphasized that Education is the most powerful tool that can change the world and the key to unlock golden door of freedom mentioning the experiences of different countries. He stated the importance of both the coverage and quality of education in which currently the government is working in expanding different universities.

0R5A2315 Dr. Hirut Kassaw, Head of Amhara Regional state truism Bureau and board chairperson of the university in her speech stated that even though DTU is third and young generation university, its graduates are component like graduates from senior universities. She mentioned that the university produces qualified students to the market by reducing attrition rate. According to Dr. Hirut, the university was ranked for four consecutive years which manifests the university is strongly working for quality education. Finally, she advices graduates by stating graduation is not an end goal in itself; instead it is a part of the longer journey of life.

0R5A2885At the subsequent stages the Director of the Registrar and Almuni Directorate Mr. Habtie Alemnew, Director of School of Graduate Studies Directorate and Faculty Deans presented their graduates in their respective Faculties/Colleges. The program was ended up with an award of Gold Medals for outstanding studentsand CUP for campus’s best student.