Donation of Digital Infrared Thermometers by DTU

Debre Tabor University is exerting its maximum effort to fight the outbreak of the CORONA virus (COVID-19) since the time when the disease has become a national threat. As part of this effort, the University purchased 10 Digital Infrared Thermometers, with the purpose of easily and quickly identifying patients who are suspected to be infected by COVID-19. 91877562_1148163298864030_1353248022061907968_n Eight of the ten Digital Infrared Thermometers purchased were distributed to the hospitals in South Gondar Zone while the remaining two were going to be used in the University’s clinic. Dr.Anegagregn Gashaw (President of DTU) explained during the handing over ceremony that, these thermometers are very important mechanisms of preventing the outbreak of the virus in the localities where these hospitals are found and in the country at large. 91800470_1148163338864026_6956098602758307840_o
Dr. Anegagregn also explained that the University invested about 100,000 birrs to purchase these thermometers and he recommended to the representatives of the hospitals that CORONA is a virus that we must fight with all the resources we have.
Dr. Anegagregn concluded his speech with another recommendation which emanates from the very nature of CORONA, the deadly virus. This unique nature of the virus is that one can’t be free from CORONA unless others are free. His recommendation, therefore, is “protect others, so that you will be protected”.

Dr. Menberu Teshome(Vice President for Research and Community Service) on his part made clear that the community service wing of the University is working hard to prevent the outbreak of the virus. He also advised the representatives of hospitals to use the machines to serve the community in their respective localities, given they are not just the properties of the receiving hospitals, but also the shared properties of the entire society.

Dr. Amsalu Molla (Dean of the College of Health Sciences) also advised representatives of the hospitals to utilize the full potential of the machines. He also advised those representatives to do awareness creation jobs among the rural communities in their surroundings, as they are nearer than any other stakeholders.

In another perspective, Mr. Kassaw Teshome (representative of Estie Mekane Eysus Primary Hospital) suggested that a screening activity must be done, rather than investigating only suspected cases. He again demanded the University to provide medical gowns to health professionals seeing that treating a CORONA suspect requires an extra care.

And finally, Mr. Dejen Bekele (chairman of the association of the business community of the town of Debre Tabor) suggested that all concerned individuals and institutions must collaboratively work hard to help the needy community, a proposal which the business community is willing to participate.