Debre Tabor University Hosted 14th Round Forum.

Debre Tabor University hosted the 14th forum of the Federal universities located in the Amhara National Regional state from Jan 27-28, 2017 at the main hall of the campus.

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Dr. Alemayehu Kebede, President of Debre Tabor University has welcomed higher officials of   Amhara National Regional State Bureau, the board members, Presidents, representatives of teachers from the Member University, students and stake holders who came from Tourism, Education, ORDA, and other enterprise in the Amahara region.


Dr. Alemayehu Kebede, on his opening speech stated that the major aim of the forum is to solve weakness and scale up strength each other. He declared that in the last three and half years the forum has brought meaningful change on the areas of quality education and sharing good practices among the member universities. Dr. Alemayehu also asked the member universities to work hand on land degradations of Mount Guna and to give an attention for Gafat which is the first industrial village in Ethiopia.

On the event representatives of the member universities has made their reports of the 1st semester accomplishment of 2009 E.C.

Academic steering committee, research and community service steering committee of the university, Federal Culture and Truism Minister, Industry and Technology Development Enterprise in the Amhara Region, ORDA and Other sectors were made Specific discussions after they present their ideas for working together.

Finally, the forum member universities signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Federal Culture and Tourism Minister Bureau. The signed MoU demonstrates the parties’ commitment to collaborate with Each other regarding to culture and tourism development though research, training, community service and technology transfer interventions throughout the region.