Debre Tabor University holds 6th Graduation Ceremony on July 6, 2019

Debre Tabor University graduated 3183 students during its 6th commencement ceremony held on Saturday July/6,2019 at the university compound. 1156 of the graduates were females. Of the total graduates, 3157 were undergraduate and 26 postgraduate. Dr. Anegagregn Gashaw, President of Debre Tabor University warmly congratulated the graduates and families.   The president also appreciated Debre Tabor University’s incredible contribution on quality education through the innovative curriculum for the country’s development in the course of producing skilled manpower.
Guest of honor of the ceremony Dr. Alemayehu Wase Director of “Amahra Meliso Maqaqame Limat Dirijite”, warmly congratulated graduates, families, and friends.
You have gained necessary knowledge and skill during your stay on campus, said the Director, as you prepare to leave the University, I ask you to do something with that knowledge and make a better world.