Debre Tabor University has been produced more than three hundred liters sanitizer

Debre Tabor University is making a great contribution in the effort to protect corona virus. The participation in our tourism institution is high in our community and community service. Especially in this difficult time, it is known that our university has prepared different cleaning products to provide different cleaning products to the community. However, the university of ′′ etanol ′′ has been given to the ′′ etanol ′′ lack of lack and protection of the university. Viv (Viv) has been given a thousand liters to our university for free. Debre Tabor University management is wishing such kind organizations to be blessed in our country and the local community in the name of the university and the local community (Viv).00000

From Technology (chemical engineering class), Health Science College (Afarmasi school) and natural science and formula (industry class) teachers have made a great contribution to develop the process of production of sanitizer. There has been a lot of technology and knowledge transaction. It has been possible to understand their ability to show them with their profession. In the process yet they have brought more than three hundred liters

The President of Debre Tabor University has talked to me by producing chemical engineering, pharmacy, and chemistry education classes. In Our University, teachers who are in our university have called to participate in this role of teachers and education windows, especially in social, economic, and psychological and other crisis services. It won’t be sad that the time is going to be able to save our community from Corinthians and virus. It is very important that we have a lot of jobs that are expected to be responsible for the responsibility of the scholars.

The Vice President Dr. Menberu Teshome has been given to our university in the process of our university. No. V Drink Waterproofing M. Ma has explained that a thousand liters of ethanol have created a great ability for them. We have given a great thanks to the organization that has made us a great gift for the organization. He also said that the teachers who participated in the process of developing the process of the teachers who participated in the process, and the next production process will continue to give service to the community quickly.