Debere Tabor University 2011 E.C. Students’ Welcome Days PRESIDENT’S WELCOME MESSAGE

Dr.AnegagregnThank you for your interest in our University. Debre Tabor University has grown and progressed significantly since its inception in 2005, gaining a wealth of academic, research, and institutional accomplishments that have served to position us an effective partner in the society and one of the promising third generation universities in the country.

Debre Tabor University has a growing number of highly popular specialist masters and undergrad programs,multiple significant research and community service successes,and an ambitious roadmap that address national development priorities, and needs of the society.

We continue to be proud of our close relationships with our students who are our greatest customers. We do not only administer the students but rather we take part in the lives of the students themselves as we demonstrated in being part of the students annual holidays and festivals. We have come to learn that there is nothing equally pleasant as spending events with students.

We are equally proud of our close relationships with the public and private sectors that has launched a number of collaborations that benefit our students, faculty, institution, and the public at large. We have managed to establish a very intimate and promising relationships with the general public of Debre Tabor Town and the locality which puts all the community of the university like in a second home.

These close all rounded collaborations including with stakeholders and the government itself have themselves engendered a number of professional engagements that serve us to build on our research objectives, invigorate students’ learning by doing, and further expand partnership with leading organizations and lately with international entities.
As a national university, we recognize our responsibility to uplift the culture and the identity of the Ethiopian Society. This is in keeping with and supports of the Ethiopian Federal Democratic Republic Vision and development strategies, under its social development pillars.

I encourage you to visit the town of Debre Tabor to become better acquainted with the people and attractions at the vicinity of Debre Tabor University, and its localities.
We thank you all for coming to see us and being with us.
We wish your time here in Debre Tabor and
Debre Tabor University will be pleasant.

Dr. Anegagregn Gashaw Ferede
President of Debre Tabor University
Telephone: +251904950657