CPD Provider Office


Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a broad concept referring to the continuing development of the multi-faceted competencies inherent in health services covering wider domains of professionalism needed for high-quality professional performance. It aims to maintain and develop the competencies of individual health. CPD helps Professionals for meeting the changing needs of patients and the health service system and responding to the new challenges of emerging health problems and scientific development.

 To be a well-recognized CPD provider at the national level by 2022.

 Develop CPD courses, apply for accreditation, and check whether there is existed approved relevant CPD document in the area seeking to prepare.
 Ensure whether CPD needs to be relevant to the day to day practice of health care providers and based on the need for the healthcare system.
 Provide integrated, practical, and theoretical training to enhance the quality of health services.
 Report CPD activities annually to the Ministry and other stallholders (RHB, accreditors).
 Ensure provided training courses are linked with health professionals license renewal.

 Customer-first
 Quality
 Teamwork
 Innovation
 Success Scale-up

 Devoted to ethics

Structure and staffing of DTU CPD center
 CPD Coordinator
 The panel of experts (content experts, program experts, and instructional design experts).
 IT officer
 Training office
 CPD  office secretary
Roles and responsibilities of DTU CPD center
 Have a mission statement specifying changes in competence, performance, or patient outcome that will be the result of the program for review and accreditation.
 Complete an application form, and submit the required documentation and fees to the accreditor when requesting accreditation.
 Post publicly the annual proposed activity together with its accreditation number and CEUs.
 Keep a record that reflects attendance at the entire event completion of the activity and retain these for a period of five years.
 Report CPD activities annually to the Ministry and the accreditor.
 Apply for renewal annually and Avail certificate of competence invisible place.