CPD Accreditation Office

                                   DEBRE TABOR UNIVERSITY

Debre Tabor University is one of the youngest 3rd generation university and working tirelessly to address the problem of quality education which is an issue that has been drawing the attention of peoples, nations and states more than ever. This evidenced by health Sciences College established on new education philosophy and strategy known as Innovative Curriculum. Which is builds on strengths of the traditional curriculum and incorporating innovative features. On the other hand Continuous professional development (CPD) program is newly emerged interests of ministry of health to enhance competency of health professionals and enables them to maintain and update their professional activity, debre tabor university health science college accreditation office also has passionate to contribute its allotment in continuing Professionals Developments.

Mission, Vision and Value of Debre Tabor University Health Science College Accreditation Office
 To produce qualified and competent health professionals who are able to provide preventive, curative and rehabilitative service at all levels of health care system.
 Create well structured and systematically managed CPD provider institution/organization.
 Endorse uniform and scientific monitoring and evaluation mechanism for CPD provider.
Become one of the top center of accreditation in the country by 2025


 Customer first
 Quality
 Teamwork
 Innovation
 Success Scale up
 Devoted to ethics

“We Have a Historical Duty to Answer Emperor Tewodros’s Quest for Knowledge”
Roles and responsibilities of the accreditation office
 Report accreditation office annual activity to the ministry.
 Explore whether CPD provider offer their task according to guideline.
 Submit accredited CPD provider activity and any gap identified to the ministry.
 Review CPD provider application for accreditation and check for fulfillments of requirements for accreditation.
 Assess compliance raised from CPD providers on the guidelines and manage it accordingly.
 Participate in setting where CPD standardization and implementation of program as a national levels.