Community Services


As clearly stipulated in the Higher Education Proclamation No. 650/2009, community service is part and parcel of the duties of the academic staff of higher learning Institutions. University senate legislation requires all academic staff to allocate part of their working time on community service activities.

Academic staffs do not necessarily need funding from the University to discharge their duty for community service. Community service can take a variety of forms that do not require funding from universities such as charity activity, unpaid service to community members or consultancy to organizations.  University funds only limited the number of selected projects that cannot be implemented without seed money and believed to have a substantial impact to improve livelihood of the community.

It is expected that most community service projects to be the results of prior research engagements of staff. Ultimately, research should result in either intervention to solve community problems (community service project) or innovation idea to be commercialized and disseminated to community (technology transfer project/community service project). Understood in this way, there is strong linkage between research, technology transfer and community service activities.  However, the idea for community service project can come from variety of sources and it is not a must that a community service project should be preceded by a research projects by the same staff. Yet, the need for the community service project has to be justified by evidence from the research findings of others, need assessment by the community service team or demand from the community or organizations.

Key Points:

  1. Community Services:- refers to an activity, project or program service(s) conducted by academic staff and or students together with different stakeholders as well as the community itself in response to the social, economic, political, and other needs of the community outside the Universities in line with country’s development priority.
  2. Consultancy service is any form of professional or technical service rendered by a staff member of the University to the community. Service fee may be imposed where the clients are not needy.
  3. Voluntary Service: contribution of an individual’s time or talents for community needs, given freely and without compensation.
  4. Community service vision, mission, and aims of the Universities
    • Vision
  • To be one of the centers of excellence in community service provision (as per the universities’ vision).
  • Missions
  • To provide demand driven and problem-solving community services (training, consultancy and outreach/development services) so as to contribute a share in the country’s development endeavors.
  • To win reputation in community service provisions nationally and internationally.
    • Aims
  • To implement community service priority areas in line with the country’s development policies and strategies.
  • Setting guidelines to prioritize formulate and implement community development projects targeted at bringing solutions for major constraints of development in the country.
  • Building the capacity of colleges/schools to conduct community service projects; and to engage in development activities and consultancy services.
  • Facilitating and Encouraging instructors and students to engage in community
  • Ensuring the transfer and dissemination of research outputs to end-users.

4.       Community Service Projects/Programs

The Community service activities of the University comprise of the following core areas;

  • Training Service
  • Consultancy service
  • Outreach/development service/projects
  • Partnership
  • Centers’-based Community Service activities
  • Other professional services

Community service Projects Done From 2008-2012 E.C
Budget Year Full Title of the CS Project and their status

2008 E.C FBE
1. Entrepreneur training for the graduating students of DTU.By:-Getaneh Zelalem, Eyob Tefera, gatnet Tilahun, Enanye wondim, Kindye Esa, Gizachew Tilahun,abarate gnework
Status Completed
2. Empowering Hospitality Sectors For Customer Service Development and Promoting Tourism and Hospitality Products and Services and Menu Development of Nefas Mewucha, Wereta, MekaneEyesus, and Debre Tabor Towns.By:-Ertbandemewoz, Firdyiwok Abebe,Endalamaw Kindie,Hana Asrat,KemalAdem,Dagnachew Nega, Status Completed
3. Empowering Hospitality Sectors of Debre Tabor Town & different Distant of SGZ.By:-FrdywokAbebe, ErtibanDemewoz, EndalamawKindie,DagnachewNega, Kemal Adem & hana Meseret Status Completed

Faculty of natural science
1. “Deliver training on“MinitabandSPSSsoftwares “with data practice in March 2015.” By:- Endris Assen Status Completed
2. “Provide community service training on11different Statistical Models, and sampling practices in March 2015.”by:-Endris Assen Status Completed
3. Introducing PHETS web-based interactive simulations for preparatory and high school sciences teachers and establishing a virtual laboratory in south Gondar preparatory and high Schools. By:-Daniel Tadesse, MekuanentAlemye, TaddesGirmay, MekoneneGetenet,Endale Adamu,Yemane Fesha” Status Completed
4. Impr the quality of mathematics education in Debre Tabor town. By:- Berihun Gizachew & Mathematics Staffs Status Completed
5. Milk producers cooperative formation in Debre tabor town Mulugojam A. Hirpasa T,
Status Completed
6. drivers of migration, chalenges& future Prospects of Female Ethiopian migrants to the Middle East with reference to forced returns of selected Urban centers of Amhara Region, Ethiopia. By:- Endris Assen, Belay zeleke Status Completed
1. The status of Quality Teaching& its relationship with the quality of student learning: with reference to secondary & primary schools of SGZ Amhara, Ethiopia. By:-Abrham Kebede MebratGedfie Status Completed

Social Science
1. Training for Camelinia Asmamaw Kassahun sisay Gezu Status Completed
1. Training on Pedagogy, Technical Drawing, and Autocad for preparatory technical drawing Teachers. By:-Addisu alamirew, Adissu Derso Status Completed

2009 E.C

1. Training for South Gondar Zone Micro and small enterprises. By:-DejenDebebe, AbebawYenesew, Haile Anteneh, Amelaku Belay, Aychew Bereded Status Completed
2. management bodies of south Gondar zone primary cooperatives in the areas of cooperative concept and good governance, cooperative legal system and account keeping. By:- DejenDebeb, Abebaw Yenesew Status Completed
3. Training for Hotel Managers and Waiters. By:-Ertban demewoz,Kemal Adem, Fridyiwok Abebeb Status Completed

Faculity of natural science
1. Laboratory training for secondary and preparatory school physics teachers of south Gondar zone. By:-Getnet Ambachew A.Muluken K” Status Completed
2. Training on different factors that cause grain spoilage in store in relation to microorganisms (fungi) and its controlling mechanisms in south Gondar zone, northwest Ethiopia. By:- Dessie Y.Kindu G.Mastewal B Status Completed
3. Training on food safety, food handling and health risks associated with food handling in hotels and restaurant of Debre Tabor Town, southwestern Ethiopia. By:- Mastewal B. Dessie Y.Kindu G. Status Completed
4. Improving quality of mathematics education in selected schools of south Gondar. By:-BerihunGizachew, Mathematics Dept.Status Completed
5. Introducing PHETS web based interactive simulations for preparatory and high schools sciences teachers. By:-Mekuanent A., Mekonene G, HerphasaT. Status Completed
6. Training on food saftey, food handling and health risks associated with food handling in hotels and restaurants of Debre Tabor Town, South Gondar zone, north-western Ethiopia. By:-Mastewl.B.Dessie.Y,Kindu G. Status Completed
7. Astronomical and stellarium software training for DTU, high school and college students and teachers of South Gondar zone. By:- Osman Mohammed, Ambachew A., Eyachew.M, Muluken.K.
Status Completed
8. Training basic laboratory skills with low cost or no cost environmental materials for elementary school science teachers in Debre Tabor town. By:- Marie Yayinie, Adissumengist,Tadesse mengistu Status Completed
9. Milk produsers cooperative formation in Debre Tabor town. By:- Mulugojam A. Hirpasa T. Status Completed
10. Rainwater harvesting at DTU (TT) Sudheer Ketema Feye, Seiyfemichael Amare
Status Completed

Social Science & Humanities
1. Training on Federalism, Conflict and peace building. By:- Amin Mamma,WondeMeseret, KibromHadgu, Yilkal Ayalew Status Completed
2. Training for Teachers and Education Experts on Counseling skills. By:-DersolegnMekonen, TamiruBezabih. Status Completed
3. Create Awareness and Give Support to minimedia clubs about media usage for Preparatory Schoolsat South Gondar.By:-AdugnaTechane, BitawAgazae Destaw Bayable
Status Completed
4. Giving training for DeberTabor Town government general elementary schools
5. Expanding Awareness of Mental Health among Community Leadersin South Gondar Amhara Regional State, Ethiopia By:-GetaWalelign,Abaye Teffera Mulat Alebachew
Status Completed
6. Inclusive Education Training for Secondary School Teachers in South Gondar Zone. By:- Getachew Walelign Status Completed
7. Sensing Drought and Environmental Stress Mapping occurrences Severity and Vulnerability by using GIS & RS Technology By:-Daniel Asfaw, GetachewWorkineh, MulualemAsfaw, TamiruBezabih
Status Completed
8. using 1 to 5 cooperative learning strategies during instructional time to improve academic performance of students (for group leadersof first year social science students).By:- Ergo Beyene,Kenu Getu Status Completed
9. Classroom Management for English language Teachers of Elementary schools in Debre Tabor Town By:- Amlakie Nigussie Mesait Tesfaw,mastewal Misganaw, Yohaness Ababu
Status Completed
10. Digital Cartography Training for High School and Preparatory School Geography Teachers by Using GIS Software in South Gondar Zone,.By:-Solomon Eniyew, MelekamuAlebachew
Status Completed
11. Giving training for Deber tabor tawon government general elementaryschool English teachers concerning the macro and micro teaching. By:-Yemesrach Bayou,Antehun Atanawu, Zleke Workineh, Baymot Mekuriaw Status Completed

1. Training on Basic life support and advanced cardiac life support for Anaesthetists, Health Officers, BSc Nurse and Midwives who are working in South Gondar Zone Hospitals Debre Tabor Ethiopia. By:-SimgnewKibret, “EpheremFenta, Deriba Teshome, MogesGelaw, Dinberu Eshetie Tadess Tamire” Completed
2. Training program on peripheral nerve blocks and acute pain management for Anaesthetists who are working in Amhara Region, Debre Tabor, Ethiopia, 2017. By:-TadessTamire,Deriba Teshome Tikuneh Yetinberk Completed
3. Training on Acute Watery Diarrhoea prevention and control measures for students, mothers and religious leaders in three Woredas of South Gondar Zone. By:- Yilkal Tafere, Seble Worku,Habitamu Demelash Status Completed
4. Training on Management of common new born problems for nurses working in Debre Tabor university and Debre Tabor General Hospital at Debre Tabor Town Getachew Aragie, “Tigabu Dessie Dr. Yichalal Endayehu Status Completed
5. Epidemic investigation and management training for health care providers: special focus on Influenza outbreak in South Gondar administrative Zone Amhara region, 2017 Mekonnen Assefa
6. Training on Trachoma prevention and control measures for high school children in four Woredas of South Gondar Zone By:-SebleWorku, Getachew Aragie , YilkalTafere
Status Completed

7. Evaluation of higradewashera X farta crosses to develop synthetic breed in model villages of s/g/ zone. Ongoing By:- Abiy Shenkute Endalew Waleligh, Lemma Gulilat, Melaku Minale
Status Completed
8. Developing community-based pure Farta sheep breeding scheme .By:- Melaku Minale EndalewWaleligh,Ongoing Lemma Gulilat, Abiy Shenkute
Status Completed
9. Areboretum Establishment. By:- MeleseWorku BerhanuDebela, Melkie Achenef & Habtamu Agonefer Status Completed
10. Improving soil fertility using different hedgerow green manuring plants. By:- Eyob TilahunDereje Dejene Status Completed
11. Gully rehabilitation and soil water conservation in Tikurwuha micro watershed. By:-Girum Getachew,Melkie Achenef, Birhanu Debela Status Completed
12. Adoption of Low Cost Drip Irrigation Systems at Lay Gayint District, South Gondar Zone, Ethiopia. By:- Girum Getachew, Mulatu Kassa Status Completed
13. Construct Water Harvesting Technology through Geo-membrane /black plastic/ in Debre Tabor University Campus Sisay.T Abebe Z. &Birhanu B. Status Completed
14. Promotion and distribution of Malt Barely germplasm inEaste Districts, South Gondar. By:-Tesfaye Y.Sisaye T. & Tirngo Y. Status Completed

1. Improving basic computer skill of Grade 12 students in KimrDingay and Nefas mewcha school. By:-Habtu Hailu, Worku Mekonen Status Completed
2. Basic computer and internet skill training for Simada, Addis Zemen and Ebnat Woreda High school and preparatory teachers Mersha Nigus,Addisie Worku, Sisay Yemata
Status Completed

2010 E.C

1. Empowering Heritage Experts Of South Gondar Zone For Sustainable Tourism Development. BY:-Eritiban Demewoz Getachew Melessee Status Completed
2. Training Proposal On Financial Literacy And Account Keeping For House Holds Heads In Three Selected Weredas Of South Gondar Zone DejenDebeb “DestawSimret, Abebaw Yenesew,Ayichew Bereded,Getachew Yitbarek Status Completed
3. Training On Profit Tax Assessment And Payment For Category ‘B ‘ And ‘C’ Tax Payers. By:-Getachew Yitbarek “Abebaw Yenesew,Haile Anteneh Status Completed
4. Training Given On Awareness Creation On Self-employment ,Entrepreneurship, and Resource Mobilization. By:-Tadel Bayu Tarekegn DesalenStatus Completed
5. Training Given On Public Procurement And Property Management For South Gondar Zone Finance And Economic Development Offices Selected Employees and Leaders. By:-Tilahun Lakew
Status Completed
6. Authorizing Hospitality Centers Of Debretabor , Nefas Mewucha&Wereta Towns In South Gondar Zone For Service Development Eritiban Demewoz “Getachew Melessee Tihtinaw DerbWedajieBelete, Aschalew Bamle, Amare Kindu, Dessalegn Hunegnaw Status Completed
7. Training For Accountants On Peachtree Accounting System BahiruSisay Sefewsew Zeleke completed
8. Empowering Heritage Experts OfDebreTabor Town Wereda Administration For Sustainable Tourism Development By:-Eritiban Demewoz Getachew Melesse
Status Completed

Faculity of natural science
1. Training on different factors that cause grain spoilage in store in relation to microorganisms (fungi)By:-Dessie Y Asmamaw K, Mastewal B
Status Completed
2. Training on food safety, food handling and health risks associated with food handling in hotels and restaurant of Debre-Tabor town. By:- Dessie Y Mastewal B
Status Completed
3. Laboratory training for physics teachers in preparatory school. By:- Getnet M, AmbachewA.,Yohannes Status Completed
4. Training on basic laboratory techniques for preparatory and high school teachers in south Gondar zone. By:-Negese K.Completed Biology dept
5. Training on municipal solid waste management participation in Debre-Tabor town. By:-Negese K. Biology dept Status Completed
6. Training Basic Laboratory skill with low cost environmental in for elementary school science teachers in Debre Tabor Town. By:- Tadesse M& Limenew A
Status Completed
7. Identification and labelling of plant species in Debre-Tabor University campus. BY:-Wondie M, “Ambachewu B.
Endale A,Melkamu Andargie”
Status Completed
8. Improving quality of mathematics education in selected schools of Debre Tabor town Berihun G.Mathematics Dept.
Status Completed

Social Science and Humanities
1. Training of Teachers & Educational Experts on counselling Skill for primary Schools Students(Phase: II) By:-Tamiru Bezabih, Dersolign Mekonen, Alemzerf Bogal
Status Completed
2. Expanding Awareness of Mental Health Among Community Leaders. By:-GetaWalelign,, Misalie Solomon
in SGZ (Phase: II)
Status Completed
3. Life Skill Training on Positive Adolescent Developmentfor Youth WoredeGirma TilahunFente
Association, Clubs in Schools and Women Affairs Office
Status Completed
4. Continues Assessment and Evaluation preparation and Implementation on Amharic Education for Secondary School Amharic Teachers in SGZ. By:- TarKegn Tefera Manaye Tesema Aberham Kebede
Status Completed
5. Inclusive Education Training for Secondary School Teachers in SGZ. By:-Getachew Walelign, Luel Zewdu,Terefe Mihiret
Status Completed
6. Creating Awareness on Child Abuse and Its Intervention Strategies for Elementary School Teachers, Families and Caregivers in SGZ. By:- Misalie Solomon, Geta Walelegn
Status Completed
7. Respect for Human Rights, Good Governance and ConflictManagement for Judiciary Bodies in DT. By:- Abebe Alewond,Alene Agegnehu,Gashaw Ayanaw,Amin Mamma,Wondie Mesert,Kiberom Hadigue,Semahegn Asmare, Abebe Yirega Status Completed
8. Training on Social Court Judges in Dbere Tabor, Woreta&KimirDingay Towns.By:-AndualeSemegn Fisha Tesega, Kider Mistofa, Solome Muche
Status Completed
9. Impacts of Climate Change on Crop Production and Coping Mechanismsfor Agricultural Experts in SGZ(Based on Research Findings). By:-Birhan Getachew,Jemberie Bekerie, Slomon Eniyew, Kenu Getu
Status Completed
10. Helping and Enabling Primary School Teachers in Solving schoolproblems by Action research. By:-Alebachew Mohamed Baye Ashebir, Bitwe Agazie
Status Completed
11. Helping Students to Make Successful Academic and Career Choice in Debre Tabor High and Preparatory Schools
By:-Geta Walelign, Misalie Solomon, Mesayit Wubie
Status Completed
12. Training on dramatic Techniques, Acting, Directing and Stage Technology in DT AsnakewAlemu, Blen D.
Samuel,M. Mohammed, S.
Status Completed
13. Job Pursuit, Application and Interview Skill for Graduating Students at DTU Towards Ensuring Deliverlology. By:- Zelalem ShitahunZemdekunwalelign AntehunAtanawMelakuBayu
Status Completed
14. Urban Growth and Expansion Management Using Geo-Spatial Technology for Land Officers, Surveyors, and Town planners in SGZ . By:-Solomon Eniyew Melkamu Alebachew
Status Completed
15. Implementation on Geoinformation Science for Ecofriendly Tourism Site Development in Conservation Area in SGZ By:- Mulualem Asefaw Daniel Asfaw Getu Tesema Getachew Workneh
Status Completed
16. Training on Mapping Flood Prone Area and Watershed Analysis Using GIS and RS for Disaster Risk and Water and Irrigation Development Experts. By:-EndalewTerefe, GetuTesema,Daniel Asfaw ,Getachew Workneh ,Mulualem Asfaw ,Gebrie Kassa Abeneh
Status Completed
17. Digital Map making, Reading, and Interpretation for High School and preparatory School Geography Teachers Using GIS Software in SGZ. By:- Solomon Eniyew, MelkamuAlebachew, Berhan Getachew, JemberieBekerie
Status Completed

1. Training and community mobilization on Metabolic Syndrome in Debre Tabor Town. By:- Alemayehu Diggsie,
Melaku Tadege,MarelignTilahun, AddisuMelak, DessalegnTesfa, SofonyasAbebaw and Amien Ewunetie
Status Completed
2. Training on First Aid Techniques for School Teachers in Farta Woreda, South Gondar Zone, Ethiopia.By:-AmienEwunetei,GetnetAsmare, Dr. Amsalu Molla, HiwotYisak, TzeraJemere”
Status Completed
3. Training and health education on causes and prevention of RHD for health extension workers and parents in six selected woredas of South Gonder Zone.By:-“Dr. MestetYibeltalDr. DejeneShifera, Denekew Tenaw, Birkie Mulatie
Status Completed
4. Training proposal on effective operation and functional verification of automated micropipettes for laboratory professionals who are working in south Gondar health institutions, Debre Tabor, Ethiopia, 2017.By:-Abebaw Worede Chalachew Genet
Status Completed
5. Strengthen appropriate complementary feeding practice of mothers through health works in selected Woredas’ of South Gondar, Amhara region, Ethiopia.By:- Asrat Hailu, “MelakuTadege, GetnetAsmare, TigistSeid”
Status Completed
6. Sexual and reproductive health training for high school and preparatory school female students of south gondar zone “selected district schools.By:- Desalegn Tesfa, Alemayehu Digssie, MelakuTadege
Status Completed
7. Personal hygiene training for food handlers working in Debre Tabor University Student cafeteria, Debretabor, Ethiopia. By:- Chalachew Genet Abebaw Worede
Status Completed

1. Evaluation of higradewashera X farta crosses to develop synthetic breed in model villages of s/g/ zone. By:-Sena Tadesse Endalew Waleligh, Lemma Gulilat, Melaku Minale
Status Ongoing
2. Demonstration and scale up of queen splinting, rearing in South Gondar. By:-Alubel Alemu, Mekuanint Gashaw & Melese Dejen
Status Ongoing

3. Introduction and Utilization of Selected Improved Forages and Feed Improvement Strategies of Local Available Feed Resource in Selected Area, South Gondar MeleseDejen Mekuanint Gashaw & Alubel Alemu
Status Ongoing
4. Developing community-based pure Farta sheep breeding scheme MelakuMinale EndalewWaleligh, Ongoing
Lemma Gulilat, Abiy Shenkute
5. Training on Acacia deccurence MeleseWorku BerhanuDebela, MelkieAchenef&yibeltalTigabu
Status Ongoing
6. Training on Acacia deccurence MeleseWorku BerhanuDebela, MelkieAchenef&yibeltalTigabu
Status Ongoing
7. Enhancing potato seed multiplication through seed producing cooperatives in high land area of S/G. Sisay.T, Mulken Y.
8. Seed system enhancement on yield of wheat at L/Gayent. By:-Tirngo Y, Kassahun A. completed

1. Supporting the teaching learning process in south Gondar Zone by offering technical drawing course for preparatory school teachers Alexander Kebede Endalkachew Addis, Yonas Tibebu
2. Database and networking training to Awuramba Community MershaNigus SisyaYemata, Habtu Hailu completed
3. Basic computer skill training for visual impaired students by using JAWS software for south Gondar Zone. By:-Mersha Nigus SisyaYemata, Habtu Hailu
4. Computer maintenance training for employees of Nefas Mewucha, Woreta, and KimrDingay Woreda Habtu Hailu
MershaNigus, TeshaleWubie
5. Automated solar street light Dodda Satish Reddy Dr M. Jagadeesh, BiksAlebachew Completed
Guna Tana Integrated Field Research
1. Capacity Development for Integrating Rights and Social Issues in Conservation of Guna Mountain Community Based Conservation Area. By:- Hailu Menale Destaw Bayable
2. Wildlife conservation and management skill for Guna Mountain Community Based Conservation Area Scout. By:-Hailu Menale, Destaw Bayable
3. Training for Guna Community Based conservation area Guassa Council members on benefits of sustainable community based conservation area.By:- Hailu Menale DestawBayable completed
4. Training for law enforcement group how to protect Guna Community Based Conservation Area Guassa. By:-Hailu Menale DestawBayable and Dr. Menberu Teshome
5. First aids Training for Guna Community Based conservation area Scouts. By:-Hailu Menale, College of Health staffs
6. Integrated fish farming system establishment in the Guna –Tana catchment. By:-TadiloGedefaw, NegesseKebitaneh

2011 E.C
1. Empowering Hospitality Sectors For Customer Service Development and Promoting the Tourism and Hospitality Products and Services and Menu Development of Nefas Mewucha, Wereta, MekaneEyesus and Debre Tabor Towns.By:-DangachewNega “ErtibanDemewozHana Asrat Daniel TesfayeMebreq ZelalemAlebel AbateDerso Amare”
2. Empowering Heritage Experts and Stakeholders of Different Districts of South Gondar Zone for Sustainable Tourism Development ErtibanDemewoz DagnachewNega
3. Awareness Creation on The Economic Significance and Burdens of Indirect Tax to The South Gondar Zone Merchants.completed By:- DestawSimret Birhan Moges
4. Training Proposal on International Financial Reporting Standards for Accountants of South Gondar Administrative Zone.”Eyob Temesgen “DestawSimretWorknehMengistMesafintMelkie
5. Training Proposal designed to provide community service for Management Bodies of South Gondar Zone Cooperatives in the areas of: Cooperative Concept, cooperative legal system and Good Governance and management and Account Keeping Getachew Yitbarek, Haile Anteneh
6. Training Proposal on Audit Investigation and Minimizing Material Audit Investigation for internal Auditors, Managers andOngoingAccountants of South Gondar Administrative Zone MesafintMelkie “WorkinehMengist Aychew BerededEyobeTemesgenDestawSimretDejenDebeb”
7. Training Proposal on wise use of economic resources for Farmers and Micro Finance Officials. By:-DejenDebeb “DestawSimretBirhanMoges

Faculity of natural science
1. Training on Lab Experiment and Skills in D/Tabor Town High School Students. By:-Geremew A Chemistry Dept.
2. Improve Quality of Mathematics Education in Schools of SGZ. By:-Mr. MasreshaWassie, Mathematics Dept.
3. Training Basic Laboratory Skills with Low cost or No Cost Environmental Materials for Elementary School Science Teachers in SGZ. By:- Geremew A Chemistry Dept.
4. Environmental Protection Through Solid Waste Management, Ecology Beautification and Plantation of Degraded Areas D/Tabor Town. By:- Ambachew B& Biology Dept.
5. Training on basic biological laboratory technique for high school and preparatory Biology teachers in SGZ By:-Ambachew B& Biology Dept.
6. Data Management in Excel and Data Analysis Using SPSS Soft Ware. By:-Shewayiref G. Statistics Dept.
7. Laboratory Training for Secondary and Preparatory School Physics. By:- AmbachewA,Dr. Shegaw E&Sitotaw E.C

Social Science and Humanities
1. Life Skill Training and Awareness on Positive Adolescent Development
and Preventive Strategies of Risk-Taking Behaviours.By:-WoredeGirma &TilahunFentie
2. Promoting SchoolFamily and Community Partnership to Enhance BetterAcademic Growth in Children for Families, Teachers and Community Members in South Gondar Zone. By:-Misalie Solomon
3. Empowering English Language Communication Skills for Waitresses and and Waiters in Hotel Industries in Debre Tabor Town.By:-Wodasiemariam Getachew
4. Creative Writing for Amateur creative Writers in Debre Tabor University. By:-YalewAkolog, Zelalem Amanau
5. Geo-information Science for Rain water harvesting Site Identification in DroughtA Contribution for Small Scale Irrigation at Farm Level. By:-MulualemAsefaw, Daniel Asfaw&GebrieKassa
6. Helping Students to Make Successful Academic and Career Choice in Selectedin Selected Preparatory Schoolscompleted in South Gondar Zone.By:- Geta Walelign Mesayit Wubie & Melkamu Yaregal
7. Training on Psychological and Study Skillfor Primary and Secondary Schools Students with Disabilities in Debre Tabor Town.By:-Getachew Walelign &GetaWalelign
8. Social Media Literacy and Its Challenges Among Debre Tabor University Students.By;- BelaynehAdamu, Zelalem Shitahun,MelakuBayu, KibruEngeda
9. Inclusive Education for Primary and Secondary School Special Need Teachersin South Gondar Zone. By:-TerefeMihret,Getachew Walelign
10. Promoting Ethical and Professional Public Service Delivery for Public ServiceSectors in South Gondar Zone By:-.BeleteAtena, AytenewAdamuMessayMengistie
11. Expanding Awareness of Mental Health Among Community Leaders in SouthGondar Zone.By:- GetaWalelign,Misalie Solomon,Getachew Walelign
12. Macro and Micro Teaching Skill for Elementary School English Language Teachers.By:- Seydu Kemal, YohannesAbabu,BaymoteMequriawKibruEngeda
13. Training on dramatic Techniques, Creative Writing, Acting, and Directing for Amateursand Theatre Officers in South Gondar Zone.By:-Asnakew AlemuZelalem Amanu YalewAklog Mekdes SeifeBlen, Dessalegn
14. Implementation of Rural Land Registration and Certification Using GIS Software for Land Administrator Officers in South Gondar Zone, Ethiopia. By:-Solomon Eniyew,DebrieMersha, EndalkachewSisay, Tamiru Bezaneh
15. Perspective of Students and Teachers to wards native language and culture.By:-Mulusew Tariku, ManayeTesema
16. Counselling Skill Training for Students, Teachers, and Educational Experts inSelected primary Schools insouth Gondar Zone. By:-TamiruBezabeh, AlmzerfBogale,AdeladelewDiress,Eyob Teredie&DebrieMesha

1. Peer To Peer Training On Sexuality And Reproductive Health For Students At Debre Tabore University In South Gondar Zone 2018. By:-“Solomon Demis “”AbebawYeshambelAmsalu BeleteWubetAlebachewBerihunBantie,AmlakieNigussie ”
2. Training On Preceptorship For Nurses Working at Debre Tabor University Affiliation Health Institutions, 2018. By:-ShegawZeleke “WorkuNecho, GetnetAsmare, TigabuMinuyeGashawKerebih”
3. Training On Neonatal Intensive Nursing Care For Nurses And Midwives At South Gondar Zone Hospitals, September 2018 By:-Wubet Alebachew “Abebaw Yeshambel, Biniam Minuye Demoz Kefale,Solomon Demis, Worku Necho”
4. Training On Neonatal Danger Sign For Women Deveolpment Group Leaders And Health Extension Workers At Guna Tana Research Center Catchment, South Gondar Zone 2018. By:-AbebawYeshambel “WubetAlebachew, Solomon Demis,BiniamMinuye, DemewozKefale,GebrieKassaw”
5. Identificationof people on the street for the future better settlment of people living In The Road And paractice Begging At South Gonder Zone (Phase I). By:- Abebe Tiruneh “MogesGellaw, BasazinewChekol”
6. Training on Scabies Prevetion, Control, And Screening In The Scabies High Prevalent Woredas Of South Gondar Zone,2011 E.C.By:-WubetTaklual “Alebachew Amsalu,Mekonnen Assefa, Eshetie Molla”
7. Mental health training for non psychiatric health professionals among south gondar zone heaalth institutions south gondar zone .By:- Amsalu Belete “Getasew Legas SintayehuAsnakew ”

1. Improvimg effectiveness of potato producers cooperatives in farta woreda. By:- simachew Dubale Ongoing
2. Demonstration and scale up of queen splinting, rearing in South Gondar. By:-Alubel Alemu, Mekuanint Gashaw & Melese Dejen
3. Demonstration and Scale Up of Hay Box Brooder and Improved Chicken Breeds in south Gondar zone: the way forward to small scale chicken production. By:-Alubel Alemu, MekuanintGashaw&Melese Dejen
4. Transforming village poultry into small scale Semi- intensive poultry production by introducing improved technologies in Farta Woreda South Gondar Zone. By:- WelelawEdmew, MelakuMinale& Alubel Alemu
5. Nutrition-sensitive interventions through available food products in South Gondar Zone, Amhara, Ethiopia. By:-Mekuanint Gashaw & Welelaw Edmew
6. Improving the Nutritional Value of Crop Residues Using Effective Microbes in Selected Kebeles of FartaDistrict, South Gondar, Amhara National Regional State, Ethiopia. By:-Yitayih Ayana, MelakuMinale&MeleseDejen
7. Evaluation of higradewashera X farta crosses to develop synthetic breed in model villages of s/g/ zone. By:-Sena Tadesse,WelelawEdmew, MelakuMinale, MekuanintGashaw
8. Developing community-based pure Farta sheep breeding scheme, By:-MelakuMinale, Sena Tadesse, Welelaw Edmew & Mekuanint Gashaw
9. Potato seed enhancement and promotion in South GonderZoneTransferd To Guna Tana 2012 E.C
By:-MulukenKassahun Yayeh, Assimamaw

10. Gully rehabilitation and soil water conservation in Tikurwuha micro watershed. By:-Girum Getachew, MelkieAchenef&BirhanuDebela
11. Demonstrate application of bio-fertilizers and phosphorous for yield increment of faba bean (Vicia faba l.) at Lay Gayint and Farta woreda. By:-Getachew C. &Kassahun A.
12. Promotion and Multiplication of uplandrice in Ebinat and Smadadestrict. By:-Tesfaye Y.Sisaye T.
13. Demonstrate appropriate agronomic practice on yield of wheat and Chickpea at Smadadistric. By:-Getaneh A.& Getachew C.
14. Enhancing Family Chicken Production by Participatory Control of Newcastle disease using I2 thermo stable vaccine in Farta and Fogera Districts of South Gondar Zone. By:- Dr. SisayAmare,Dr.ZabishworkAlebachew& Rediet Mamo

1. Technical and software aided drawing training for preparatory & TEVT school teachers. By:- Yusuf Ali&AdmasTseganew
2. MS logo software training for public high school in Debre tabor city and south Gondar zone selected woredas. By:-Adina nigatu, Adane belay, Gizatie Desalegne
3. Basic computer skill training for visual impaired students. By:-Senbetokayimo, Teshalwubie, Seyoumtilahun, Fishaaragie
4. Community Web site development training for IT employers. By:-AchamieAyinalem, AbereTakele Completed
5. Water treatment laboratory and pump maintenance material management training for water supply office employee. By:-GetasewNibret,YinagerTegenaw, Umesh Amara

Guna Tana Integrated Field Research & Development Center
1. Alternative Livelihood Option to Improve Lives of Local Community for Sustainable Conservation of Guna Mountain Community Based Conservation Area. By:-Hailu Minale, Meseret Belachew, AbebawAbiyu, WondieMebrat, DestawBayable,
2. GashawMolla&Tesfaye YilmaRain water harvesting for plantation in Ebinat, Amistiya.By:-WondieMebrat and Hailu Menale

2012 E.C

1. Capacitating hospitality service providers for customer service improvements of Addis Zemen and MekaneEyesusTownscompleted
By:-Kemal Adem, DagnachewNega, ErtibanDemewoz, YabisiraYismaw&AsnakewKasahun
2. Peachtree Accounting Software Application For Accountants of Cooperatives In South Gondar Zone. By:-MesafintMelkieOngoing DestawSimret, BirhanMoges,WorkinehMengist Eyob Temesgen,BahiruSisay&SefiwsewZeleke.
3. Entrepreneurship and & Financial Control for TVT leaders. By:- Kindye Essa (Dr.)&Essa Hassen completed
4. Empowering Heritage Stakeholders of South Gondar Zone for Sustainable Tourism DevelopmentBy:-ErtibanDemewz( PI ),
DagnachewNega(CO), Alene Guadie,Yabisira Y.(Co) Asnakew K.(CO), Alebel A.(CO) Pend
5. leadership, marketing, and customer service to cooperatives in south gondar zone. By kindyeessa(pi) , yigermalgebeyehu(co) &
yissahassen(co), alebelworetaw&tilahunlakew. Pend
6. Audit Investigation And Setting Up Internal Control To Minimizing Material Audit Investigation For Auditors Of South Gondar Adminstrative Zone. By:-Wmengist M.(PI), Mesafint M(Co), Aychew B(Co), Eyobe T(Co), Misganaw D.(Co) Pend
7. Training Proposal on Accounting System for Cooperatives Enterprises (The Case of South Gondar Zone) Pend
8. Community Service Proposal on Awareness creation about Lake Tana Importance thereby Protecting Lake Tana from its current
challenge By:-Asmamaw G (PI), Shegaw G(Co) , Yilkal D(Co),AbebawAbiyu(Co) and Girum Getachew(co) DestawSimret(PI), BirhanMoges(Co), Aychew Bereded (Co) Menber Kemal(Co) Pend

Faculity of natural science
1. Data managing in excel and data analysis using SPSS. By:-SetegnMuche(PI),ShewayirefGeremew, pended Due to COVID-19
KoyachewBitew, BeleteDejen, EmebetYismaw, SetegneBayabil, MitikuWalle, MekuanintMelkam”
2. A training on basic Biological Laboratory techniques for selectedPreparatory high School Teachers of pended Due to COVID-19
South Gondar Zone ” Dr. TilahunAdugna “Mr. AmbachewBenor,Mr. EyasuMekonnen, Mr. Negesse
Kebteneh, Mr. Eyob Kassaye, Mrs. Zeneb Awoke, MrsLamesgin Zelalem, Miss wubshetTakel”
3. A training on basic Physics Laboratory techniques for selectedPreparatory high School Teachers of South pended Due to COVID-19
Gondar Zone. By:-Mr. Tadesse Abate, Mr. SitotawEshetie&Dr. ShegawEnyew
4. Mathematical Software Training in Schools of South Gondar Administrative zone.By:-Mr. Addis Alemayehucompleted
Mr. DagnawTantie, Mr. GirmaWondale , Mr. Yohannes Sileshi, Mr. FelekeGetnet , Mr. Tayachew Wudu,
Mr. Tebekaw Belay& Mr. MaschalYeshitila”
5. Content Revision for Selected Mathematical Topics and Olympiain Schools of South Gondar zone. completed
By:-Mr. MasreshaWassie”Mr. Yabibal Belay, Mr. AbaynewZemene, Miss. Eleni Seid, Miss. MastewalDemissie
Mr. KehaliwSenay,Mr. KefyalewNigussie, Mr. ZewudieTibebu”
6. Mathematical Teaching Methodology and Panel Discussions in Schools of South Gondar Administrative zone.completed
By:-“Mr. AregaDenekew” Mr. BerihunGizachew, Miss. AbebuTamru, Mr. Abebaw Tadesse, Miss. TiruworkMalede,
Miss Zerfie Teshome, Mr. Adeladlew Diress& Dr. YeshiwasMebrat”
7. Training Basic lab skills with low cost or no cost environmental materials for elementary school science pended Due to COVID-19
Teachers in South Gondar Zone. By:-“Tadesse Mengistu “GeremewAbebaw, Tadege Belay, AschalewTeka ,
Mequanint Mola, FentayeFetene&Kedija Ali”
8. Training on high school /grade 10/ laboratory experiments and skills in Debre Tabor town high schools, pended Due to COVID-19
South Gondar Zone. By:-“AschalewTeka “Tadesse Mengistu, GeremewAbebaw, TadegeBelay,Mequanint Mola,
FentayeFetene, Kedija Ali”
1. Promoting inclusive education in early childhood care and education system for Woreda curriculum core process owners,completed
heads in South Gonder Zone Awoke Asmamaw (PI),GenetuMuna (CO)
2. Creating and expanding awareness about social determinants of health for health professionals and health aligned workers completed
in south Gonderzone .By:-Yosef G/Mikael,Aytenewadamu, Alula Nigussie

3. Training on watershed development programs for eco-system sustainability by using remote sensing and GIS Completed
for representatives of natural resource experts. By:-EndalkachewwSisay, Belay zeleke, Mulualem Asfaw
4. Adolescent risk taking behavior and intervention strategies in South GonderZone .By:-WeredeGirma, TilahunFentie, Ongoing
5. Creating Awareness on sign language and Brail skills for Special needs Teachers/ experts in South Gonder Zone. Completed
By:-TerefeMihiret, BalewKibkab&MenberuGugisa
6. Life skill training and Psycho-therapy provisions for prisoners: Focus on correctional centers in South Gonder Zone. completed
By:-Agmas Yalew, ZemeneKassa&TamiruBezabih
7. Training on extracurricular Activities to improve academic and social morality of High school and preparatory school Ongoing
Students. By:-Misaleselemon, AytenewAdamu,MulunehAragaw, Beleteatena&SemahegnAsmare
8. Providing Training for Preprimary School Teachers of South Gonder Zone on Continuous Assessment, Action Research, Pending
and Active Learning. By:-GenetuMuna , Awoke Asmamaw, FentahunTsehay&YibeltalBerie
9. Training on identification and estimation flood hazard area and disaster risk analysis for flood prone areas. completed
By:-Mulualem Asfaw,TamiruBezabih, EndalkachewSisay, Belay Zeleke, Debre Mersha&GebreKassa
10. Providing training for teachers and education experts on counseling skills for primary school teachers in selected Woredas completed
of South Gondar zone. By:-TamiruBezabih, AlemzerfBogale, Ehetenesh Belay, Adeladlew Diress&D/r YeshimebetNigussie
1. Training on Occupational Health Hazards and Prevention of COVID-19 for Small Scale Industry Workers Especially Completed
(Garages, Metal work and Wood Furniture) in MekaneEyesus North West, Ethiopia 2019/2020.By:-ZebaderWalle
BirhanieAmbaw, GetanehAtikilt, BanchiayehuAlebachew, AragewTesfaw, BirukDemissie
2. Training on alcohol based hand sanitizer for students at KimirDingay and surrounding areas, South Gondar Zone Completed
By:-AmienEwunetei, MulugetaMolla, BelaynehKefale ,Yohannes Shumet, HiwotYisak ,Tesfaye Yimer, Yared Andargie
3. Training on Neonatal Resuscitation during COVID-19 Pandemic Period and COVID-19 Infection Prevention and ControlCompleted
for Nurses, Midwifes and Health Officers working in the Selected Health Centers at South Gondar Zone, Northwest, Ethiopia,
2020.By:-DejenGetaneh, Tigabu Dessie, ErmiasSisay, Nigussie Solomon, GetasewLegesse, Amsalu Belete Amare Simegn
4. Providing training on improving in health care seeking behaviors of common childhood illness and preparedness, readiness for Completed
COVID-19 for Women Health Developmental Army at Guna Tana research catchment area, South Gonder zone, Northwest, Ethiopia, 2020. By:- ErmiasSisay, BiraraAyichewu, DejenGetaneh, FekaduDagaw, Nigusie Solomon, SheganewFeten, Tekalign Amare ,Tigabu Dessie
5. Increase the knowledge and change the attitude on safe handling practice of pesticides among pesticide retailors, Development Agent, and kebele leaders in Fogera and Libo-kemekem district, South Gondar zone, Ethiopia.By:-Emawoy Belay WubetTaklual, Alebachew Amsalu, Tesfaye Andualem, Asmamewkassahun, EshetieMolla, AmienEwunetie, Maru Mekie, Completed
6. Training provision for primary school teachers regarding neurodevelopment disorders and its vulnerability for COVID-19
pandemic in selected schools in South Gondar zone, Amhara region, Ethiopia, 2020.By:- SintayehuAsnakew
Amsalu Belete, GetasewLegas, AbebawYeshambel, FitalewTaddele, Solomon Demis, HabtamuShimelis Completed
7. Training On Lymph Edema Prevention & Basic Management And Covid 19 Infection Prevention & Control For Health
Extension Workers, South Gondar Zone, Ethiopia By:-.ShegawZeleke,DemewozKefale, SheganewFetene&
8. Improving Quality Of Pediatric Nursing Care During COVID-19 Pandemic Season In South Gondar Zone Hospitals,
North Central Ethiopia, 2020.By:- AbebawYeshambel- WubetAlebachew, GetinetAsmare, HabtamuShimels,
SinatyehuAsnakew, GetasewLegas, DagneAdissu, YitayalAyalew Completed
9. Training on prevention and early detection methods of Cervical cancers for community key informants in South Gondar zone,
North West Ethiopia.By:-GashawWalleAragawTesfaw, TadegJemere, BirhanuKindu, Getachew Yideg, Dr. Maadot
Mihretie, FitalewTadele, MuluTiruneh, TigabuMinuye, BirukDemssie, Completed
10. Training pregnant and post natal mothers about the Prevention of COVID-19, Traditional Pediatric Uvulectomy, Milk Teeth
Extraction and Tongue Bed Excision at Guna Tana Research Catchment Kebelles, South Gondar Zone. By:-WubetAlebachew
BiniamMinuye, HabitamuShimelis, TigabuMunye, TewachewMuche, GetanehAtikilt, Wondimnew Desalegn, Solomon DemisCompleted
11. Training On Iron And Folic Acid Adherence, Danger Signs During Pregenacy, Enhancing Of Post Natal Care Followupand
How To Prevent Corona Virus /COVID 19 In Debre Tabor University Research And Community Service Cathement Area,
Northwest Ethiopia, 2019/20 E.C. By:-AbenezerMelkie”GedefayeNibret, EnyewDagnew,TewachewMuche, LakachewYismaw,
WorkuNecho, TigabuMunye, Solomon Demis, GetasewLegass, DagneAddisu, TigistSeid, Maru Mekie, MinaleBezie,
SelamawitFekadie ” Completed
12. Training On prevention and control of COVID19 and Parenting Skills On Age-Appropriate Child Development and
Developmental Behavioural Change Managmentfor Women Health Deveolpment Armey And Health Extension Workers
At Guna Tana Research Center Catchment, South Gondar Zone.By:-DemewozKefale”ShegawZeleke, GetnetAsmare,
FekaduDagnaw ,BiniamMinuyeDemekeMesfin” Completed
13. Improving self and clinical screening practice of breast cancer and prevention and control of COVID 19 among health
professionals and the community. By:-WubetTaklual “Dr.LalemMeseret, EneyewDagnew,
Maru Mekie,DesalegnTesfa, AragawTesfaw, EshetieMolla&Emawoy Belay” Completed
1. Promoting the effectiveness of household level storage for potato tomato and onion product at farta, laiygaint and fogera
woreda Gedefawkindu AsmamawkasahunWalelgnyalew and Dessie fisiha Pending
2. Transforming village poultry into small scale Semi- intensive poultry production by introducing improved technologies in
Farta Woreda South Gondar Zone WelelawEdmew MelakuMinale&Alubel Alemu Ongoing
3. Nutrition-sensitive interventions through available food products in South Gondar Zone, Amhara, Ethiopia
MekuanintGashaw WelelawEdmew Ongoing
4. Improving the Nutritional Value of Crop Residues Using Effective Microbes in Selected Kebeles of Farta District, South Gondar,
Amhara National Regional State, Ethiopia Yitayih Ayana MelakuMinale&MeleseDejen Ongoing
5. Developing community-based pure Farta sheep breeding scheme , By:-MelakuMinale, WelelawEdmew&MekuanintGashawOngoing
6. Demonstration of appropriate agronomic practice on yield and yield components of garlic production at smada districts, in
south gondar zone MulukenYayeh Dessie Fissha,FirnusAdugnaand SimachewDubale ongoing
7. post harvest handling and home gardening practice improvement through horticultural crops. By:-Dessie F
Simachew D / Agroeconomics/. Firnus A. /Plant Science/, &Muluken Y./Horticulture/ Completed
8. Introducing Vermicompost Technology for Quality Compost and Sustainable Crop Production, By:-AbrehamTeshager
Melaku Alene, Tigst Alene, SimachewDubale Ongoing
9. Demonstration of Farm Yard Manure for soil fertility improvement at farta district. By:-Melaku Alene, AbrehamTeshager,
Walelgn K. Tigst Alene Ongoing
10. Participatory variety selection for Red common bean varieties in south Gondar zone. By:- Kassahun A. &Tirngo Y. ongoing
11. Enhancing Family Chicken Production by Participatory Control of Newcastle disease using I2 thermo stable vaccine in Farta
and Fogera Districts of South Gondar Zone. By:- Dr.BizunehTsehayneh, Dr. ZabishworkAlebachew&Rediet Mamo completed
Faculity of Technology
1. Practical water resources project design traning to SGZ water department and selected woredas .By:-Dires Yigezu,TesfaGebrie,
AferaHalefom ,Asirat Teshome , Workineh Tadesse, MenwagawTadele, TekaGirmay , AsimamawNigussie Completed
2. Digital literacy training for visually impaired students and employees in Este, KimrDingay, Dera Woreda and Adis Zemen.
By:-SenbetoKaimo, TeshaleWubie, FishaAragie Completed
3. CompletedAdvanced computer training (cloud computing, AI, webite design and image processing ).
By:-Gezahegnmulusew( PI ),fitalew A, Getnet Amare (CO), HabitamuGirma, Adane Belay, Adina Nigatu,(CO) pend
4. Training of Selamko area Irrigation Users about Effective irrigation water management
By:-WorkinehTadese ( PI ), Dires Yigezu (CO), TesfaGebrie (CO), AmanuelZewdu (CO), KetemaFeye (CO) Pend
5. Computer maintenance training for public institutions in Debre Tabor Town and south Gonder selected Woredas
By:- Alemu Workineh, MulatuGebeyaw, SimachewMelaku, Gizatie Desalegn, Adane Belay, Adina Nigatu Pend
6. LAN network setup and configuration for ICT professionals in Debre Tabor town and SGZ Woredas
By:-Gizatie Desalegn, Adane Belay, Zewudie Habte Pend
Guna Tana Integrated Field Research & Development Center
1. Alternative Livelihood Option to Improve Lives of Local Community for Sustainable Conservation of Guna Mountain
Community Based Conservation Area.By:- Hailu Minale MeseretBelachew , AbebawAbiyu, WondieMebrat,
DestawBayable, GashawMolla, Tesfaye Yilma ongoing
2. Animal Production Improvement to Sustainable Conservation of Alem Saga National Priority Forest through improving
livelihoods of the local Community.By:-Hailu Minale “MelakuMenale, MekuanintGashaw, WondieMebirat, Farta
Woreda Animal Resource Management Office, Fogera Woreda Animal Resource Management Office” ongoing
3. Collection of Medicinal plants from ecologically similar climatic zones of Ethiopia to adapt in Debre Tabor University.
By:- WondieMebrat , Hailu Mnale and EndaleAdamu ongoing
4. Rain Water Harvesting for Plantation in Ebinat, Amistiya. By:-WondieMebrat and Hailu Menale Completed

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