A cornerstone of a community school is laid near the Woybila Maryam neighborhood of the town of Debre Tabor on 6 June 2020.

The cornerstone was laid in the presence of Mr. Temesgen Tiruneh(President of Amhara Regional State), Mrs. Worksemu Mamo(Speaker of the council of Amhara Regional State), Mr. Melaku Alebel(State Minister of Trade and Industry) and Dr. Abraham Belay(State Minister of Innovation and Technology).
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According to Dr. Balew Baye(Vice President for Administration and Development of DTU), the community school is going to be built with two main purposes. The first one is helping the University’s staff to have easy access to quality education to their children so that they can have a stable life. The second goal of the establishment of this community school is serving as a model in quality education for the community nearby.

The community school will have two levels as Dr. Balew explained further. One of them is a kindergarten that
will be built with the fulfillment of the necessary requirements for safety and quality. The other level of the school constitutes both primary and secondary levels which will have a G+5 building.